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The Shrinathji Haveli

The Thattai Bhatia's have been arriving in Dubai/Sharjah since the early 1800AD. 

Most of them settled in Bur Dubai, close to the creek. The locals called them "Baniya." Some of the community members were in the pearl business, and others in foodstuff & Textile trading.

These merchants at the time used to worship at home, as there was no Haveli/Temple. They longed for a commonplace to worship and were quite eager for Shriji's Darshan. Thus, the idea of establishing Shrinathji's Haveli took shape.

In the early 1900Ad, Late Shri Jethanand Lalchand Raiponcholia and Shri Chandumal Whabi housed the two Swaroops of Shrinathji and Lalan at the Cowshed, making it a makeshift temple. People used to come for Mangala Darshan early in the morning.


The old mud structure was refurbished and a building constructed, for which members of the community (approx. 30-40 members) contributed. In the mid-1940s, Dhamanmal Issardas & sons took the Haveli's responsibility, and his representative Shri Keshavdas Tarachand was active "sevadhari." Gradually, all Vaishnavs living in Dubai got together, under Dhamanmal Issardas (DI) leadership, being chairperson of our community.

In the year 1958, HH Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum granted the land next to Mosque. Later in the year 1997, the Temple was refurbished again to give it a proper Haveli look. The same exists until today. 


Shri Krishna Temple (Shrinathji Haveli) is the first Temple in the UAE. 

8x12 02.jpg

An old picture of the lane going towards the current day Shri Nathji Haveli

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